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BH set out to be scholarly and religiously-neutral; on that basis I answered questions. But BH became a Christian site that explicitly welcomes offensive dogma.1 People refused to avoid or qualify truth claims or bracket their bias. BH is not only unwelcoming now but actively hostile to non-Christians.

My request to remove my answers (given under false premises) was declined.2 I would not post them today. I would not knowingly teach torah in an idolatrous setting. I've been permitted a weak disclaimer but can do nothing more to mitigate the damage. I strongly urge Jews to seek rabbinic advice before participating here (as I've now done). Others who are not evangelical Christians should also pay heed.3

Had BH only taken on a Christian bias I could have still helped in other ways -- and did, for months. But BH policy now allows mistreating Jews. They'd rather have evangelism than treat people decently. They want our posts but don't welcome us.

Feel free to contact me at shira@randomstring.org. And if you have questions about the Hebrew Bible, please bring them to Mi Yodeya, Stack Exchange's excellent site for Jewish life and learning. People there talk about text all the time. With sources. Your questions are welcome.

1 Despite strong consensus that unsupported offensive claims are bad, a community manager with a conflict of interest revoked that policy only a few weeks after it took effect, supported by moderators who don't accept the community's will. Those mods remain in the job -- better to drive out a few users than limit promotion of your own religion, I guess.

2 See the linked question for a fuller explanation of the problem. I understand Robert's answer and appreciate his thoughtful consideration. I'm disappointed that the then-moderators opposed my request; I thought returning items you received by mistake and not taking advantage of people were basic Christian values. I guess not.

3 If you're thinking of investing time in this site, also consider site viability under the current doctrinal approach.

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