Is there a way (presumably involving developers) to disconnect my BH account from the rest of my network profile? I want to sever the link between my other sites (most notably Mi Yodeya) and this one as part of the "pseudo-anonymizing" process. Note that I need to keep the account (can't just disassociate/delete) because my content is still here and that's the only way I'll be notified of edits. If it's out there, I retain rights to it and intend to monitor it.

Ideally the account would preserve all other data (history, etc) except the connection to the other accounts.

I know that it is no longer possible (as of 2012) for a user to disconnect an account through the UI. (An answer here says "plan ahead", but that answer post-dates the creation of this account.) I'm hoping there is some way -- perhaps by associating a different OpenID identity with this account only -- that I can break the link but preserve the account.

Alternatively (feature request): I said "pseudo-anonymizing" above because it's never possible to completely scrub out an identity. Many users here, and the Wayback Machine, know who I am, and there are still comments @-addressed to my real name. Further, there are inbound links that connect me to this account. Anybody who wants to spend some effort can figure out who I am. That's life. However, disconnecting outbound links from here to my other accounts would hinder the casual surfer who comes here, and that by itself is a major help. So (the feature request) if my account here could hide the links to the rest of the network, if it appeared on looking at my profile that my only account were here, that would address my need.

I was curious about this too. In a perfect world I would have separate accounts for the sites I'm professionally involved with (MO, m.SE) and for sites that are hobbies (e.g. here). In particular, there are sites which I sometimes read but don't have accounts on, because I don't want to link them to my professional internet presence. –  Noah Dec 15 '13 at 19:08
@Noah, if you anticipate the problem you can make accounts with a different OpenID credential and so long as you keep those IDs separate, they won't be connected by SE (because how would the engine know they're both you?). But once you have an account, there's nothing you can do on your own to fix this. –  Gone Quiet Dec 15 '13 at 19:14
Not that it really matters (the only response that's relevant is from the CM team, e.g. Robert), but I'm curious about why this is attracting downvotes. People think it's a bad idea to allow this kind of disassociation? If so, you could explain that in an answer. –  Gone Quiet Dec 17 '13 at 18:30

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Since we unified the login and account system, this is no longer supported. You can now login to all sites with a single set of credentials which work everywhere, but as a result un-linking is no longer supported. See also: Impossible to unlink accounts.

Hiding a connection (i.e. disassociating an account from your network activity) is a feature request I actually support and would like to see. But it is apparently way more complicated than it sounds, and trying to do so even manually breaks things and causes a lot of problems. So this configuration is not supported. Hopefully someday.

Thanks for the explanation @Robert. Much appreciated. (I found this MSO feature request, which I now see I commented on a few months ago.) –  Gone Quiet Dec 17 '13 at 18:55

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